Pirate Ship - The Curse of the Adventure Galley

Come aboard the wreckage of the cursed remains of The Adventure Galley! Famously captained by the notorious privateer; William Kidd. Legend has it that during his epic sails across the unforgiving Southern Sea, he discovered the cursed treasure of Aztec gold. Then, swallowed whole by the beauty of these cursed coins, he and his crew took this treasure as their own to claim. However, knowing how his life was in danger with these coins in his possession, he never stopped sailing. Constantly looking over his shoulder with the ever lingering paranoia that other merciless pirates were after him and his gold. One day, he and his crew sailed directly into a storm. The storm ravaged the mighty Adventure Galley, tossing it up on an uninhibited island. Your crew and you have discovered the Adventure Galley after years of sailing, and now you have 45 minutes to make your way through the wreckage of the Adventure Galley, find the cursed coins, and escape before the sea sentences you to a watery grave.

Difficulty: * * * * *
Available in branch: